Wild Boar - Feral wild boar in England

Welcome to the Wild Boar Best Practice Guides website

After an absence of some 300 years wild boar are present in England once again. Coming across wild boar or their signs is likely to be a new or uncommon experience for many people and landowners and managers may have to become used to the presence of wild boar on their land.

In 2008 the Feral wild Boar in England action plan was published by Defra. The plan describes Government policy regarding wild boar, one of its requirements is that a range of authoritative advice relating to wild boar be published.

This website contains six guides relating to different aspects of wild boar biology, ecology and management.

The guides are intended to provide a single source of authoritative advice which includes:
  • Guidance for land managers on the impacts of wild boar and their management
  • Guidance on welfare such as minimum recommended firearm calibres
  • Guidance on best practice and safe shooting
  • Guidance on carcass handling including meat for human consumption and waste disposal
  • Advice to aid hunters, gamekeepers and stalkers in disease identification
  • Public awareness of wild boar including safety advice
  • Advice on dealing with wounded wild boar
  • Advice for keepers of wild boar and Local Authorities to minimise the risk of further escapes